When an organization confronts an incident of employee misconduct, the effects can be devastating. The misconduct investigation is a crucial step that allows an organization to minimize damage to its reputation, and to ensure that similar incidents will not occur in the future.

Conducting misconduct investigations requires extensive knowledge of laws, interview and investigation techniques, and documentation.

With the enactment of the California Firefighter’s Bill of Rights Act (FBOR) in 2008, investigating employee misconduct requires additional knowledge of procedural requirements as defined in FBOR.

Command Strategies Consulting (CSC) conducts comprehensive and impartial employee misconduct investigations. We have extensive experience with investigations of both fire and police misconduct complaints. Additionally, we have an accurate understanding of FBOR and its procedural requirements.

CSC offers the following services:
Confidential employee misconduct investigations.
Prompt investigations within the time limits required by FBOR.
Training of department staff on conducting employee misconduct investigations that adhere to FBOR requirements.
Consultations and assistance for departments seeking to write misconduct policies and procedures.


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