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All organizations have their problem employees - Let’s call them the 10%. If you’re a supervisor, you know the rule: you have to spend 90% of your time dealing with 10% of personnel.
But what if we decide to make a change? What if we confronted the truth: that poorly trained supervisors are the real cause of problem employees. This lecture discusses how inadequate or untrained supervisors create and foster an environment that allows problem employees to thrive. You’ll learn about topics including:

  • Tips for supervisors on effective discipline of problem employees.
  • How an organization allows or even encourages problem employees.
  • Excuses given by supervisors for not supervising problem employees and challenges to these excuses.
  • What every supervisor needs to know to survive the challenges of a problem employee.
  • Games played by problem employees.
  • The discipline process and policy considerations.

Command Strategies Consulting will customize the training to your organization’s specific needs.